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The work approach that connects the auditing and control school of thought and the information security school of thought produces an overall and comprehensive view. Our work approach includes, in the first stage, a process of mapping procedural and computational exposures, focusing the tests on the areas of exposure and conducting an investigation, including evidence collection, questioning, interviews and technological tests.


These services are provided as part of assistance to the internal auditor, audit committee, board of directors and management in detecting embezzlement and fraud, through data analysis from the various information systems and databases in the company.

: within the services

  • Investigating intra-organizational embezzlement (performed by the corporation's employee)

  • Investigating external corporate embezzlement (committed by suppliers/customers/investors)

  • Carrying out accounting and special investigations

  • Compliance in the areas of prohibition of money laundering and cross-border activity

  • Conducting risk surveys for fraud and embezzlement

  • Checking the effectiveness of procedures and work processes, including controls for the prevention of fraud and embezzlement

  • Implementation of work processes and adequate controls to prevent embezzlement and fraud

  • Detection of abnormal actions that point to the factors raised and the quantification of the abuses, including checks on the number of records, journal orders and abnormal inventory movements.

embezzlement detection
and scams


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