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In the world of information systems where most of the processes and data flow within the information systems, there is a crucial importance in the use of analytics/data research techniques as part of the audit. Data research is an important and central pillar of the audit process. A process that is increasingly taking its rightful place in recent years.

Arbutus Data Analytics The firm is the exclusive distributor in Israel of Keli

. One of the leaders and respected in the audit field in the world

Simulation to reproduce complex calculations - tests for information systems that perform complex calculations such as billing systems, interest calculation systems, salary calculations, commission calculations or any system that performs a complex process of calculation .

Proud to announce the release of version 7 of the comprehensive tool

Advanced automation and visualization capabilities

: among other advantages of the tool

  • Automation of processes

  • Advanced visualization

  • Advanced analysis capabilities and built-in multi-functions

  • Fast and efficient processing (very fast intake and query processes)

  • Interfacing to all types of databases including legacy systems

  • Built-in interfaces for (Tableau, Power BI)

  • Setting up continuous controls (CCM) in a simple and effective way

  • Standard interface and SQL interface (for those who are used to working with SQL)

  • Ability to share analyzes and procedures through the system

  • full support


SecAudit specializes in data investigation as part of the internal, external or investigative audit process.

Its employees have extensive experience of more than 20 years in carrying out complex projects in the field, including: proper tests of calculations of billing systems, tests of interest rate calculations, commissions and tax systems in large banks, salary simulations, inventory, royalties, interfaces, conversions and more.

In addition, SecAudit provides a set of trainings and further education for auditors who wish to receive training in data investigation/Analytics auditing.
The company provides an Analytics data research service as complete projects (FIX) or on demand according to actual working hours.
The company provides a support system for Arbutus Analytics customers.

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